Hitman Sniper Review [iOS & Android]

hitman_sniper_iconHitman Sniper is the long awaited mobile version of Square Enix’s original PC game, Hitman Sniper Challenge (which was only available as a pre-order bonus for Hitman Absolution). Hitman Sniper was announced almost a year ago after the very successful Hitman Go. Along the way, Hitman Sniper saw several delays and came out way after the original estimated release date. However, the delays seemed to have produced a highly polished Hitman experience that has Agent 47 return as a silent assassin with nothing more than a sniper rifle and a cool head to carry out his objectives.

For those who have played Hitman Sniper Challenge, you’ll be happy to know that Hitman Sniper is a completely different game and not just a port of the PC game. It’s played on an entirely new level and features over 150 different missions (though all the missions are played over the same level).

What this basically means is that you are playing on the same level over and over again, but with a different mission each time. Your mission always include the assassination of one high level target along with a series of different objectives to complete. For instance, you might have to get 5 moving headshots in a mission or 4 explosive kills in 20 seconds. As you complete each mission, the extra objectives become more and more challenging. Although you’re playing the same level again and again, you’ll learn new ways of assassinating your targets and new ways of increasing your scoring. And that is the main reason why I have not grown bored of Hitman Sniper yet. Each new mission, I seem to find new ways of doing things and new ways of gaining better scores. At the moment, I’m already at Gold Tier 3, but I’m striving to get even higher.

The main goal really is to just get better after each round and to move up on the leaderboards. You can do so by unlocking better sniper rifles as you play. New guns can be unlocked by leveling up Agent 47, collecting weapon parts, and by moving up to different leaderboard tiers. What’s especially nice here is that each sniper rifle unlocked has different characteristics that are unlocked via upgrades. One sniper rifle could have explosive rounds while another could have penetrating rounds. That means that you’ll constantly be swapping rifles based on the type of mission you get, which is terrific and actually gives you a reason to upgrade each one.

Gameplay wise, Hitman Sniper is a very satisfying shooter with simple to learn shooting mechanics. Tap the screen to enter the scope and drag your finger to look around. You can use pinch-to-zoom to zoom in and out. Tap the scope again to shoot. I however prefer to enable a separate shoot button in the settings to avoid accidentally firing your gun when zooming or moving. Depending on the rifle you’re using, you can also enable things like explosive rounds, increased holding of your breath, x-ray vision, and automatic headshots.

If you’re a fan of Agent 47, Hitman Sniper is a solid entry in the Hitman franchise. The gameplay is solid and the objectives can be quite challenging. I really like how the game pushes you to think of creative ways to complete your missions and how you learn from each mission and apply it to future ones. Overall, I highly suggest picking this up. This is one of the few mobile games I willingly paid almost $5 for.

iTunes Link: Hitman Sniper 1.2.0
Google Play Link: Hitman Sniper 1.2.43823
Developer: Square Enix
Price: $4.99
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatible Devices: Check the respective app stores to see if your device is compatible.


Hitman: Sniper is memory intensive.


Take on the role of Agent 47 in Hitman: Sniper – a fixed position shooting game set in beautiful Montenegro. Scope in on your marks using skill, subtlety, subterfuge and the environment to complete your contracts.

Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful rifles!


• Immersive sniping game based on the Hitman universe
• Complete over 150 missions. Eliminate the top criminal elite!
• Replay and uncover more secrets as contracts evolve
• Compete against your friends & dominate the leaderboards!
• Master undetected kills using your surrounding environment
• Unlock and assemble 13 epic sniper rifles

Compete against your friends and the world to become the best silent assassin in Hitman: Sniper, the definitive sniping experience for phones and tablets!

Step into the shoes of a true professional assassin and kill time with Hitman: Sniper. Death is at your fingertips.

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