How to Record Gameplay Footage on a Sony Xperia Z3 [Tutorial]


Did you know that the Sony Xperia Z3 allows you to record footage from your screen? That means that if you’re a gamer or app reviewer, the Xperia Z3 makes it incredibly easy to record footage and then upload that footage to your favorite social media services. It’s incredibly easy to do and the recording user interface does not get in the way of your apps and games.

For this tutorial, I’ll be using the game Hitman Sniper as an example.

Step 1


Start the app you want to record. One started, hold down the power button on the Xperia Z3 to bring up the menu options for either taking a screenshot or recording screen. You’ll want to tap on Record Screen. This will bring up the floating record screen toolbar over your app. You can drag this to any position on your screen.


Step 2


If you tap on the last icon for settings, you’ll be able to adjust the video quality of your recording. I usually leave this on the default Full HD setting.


Here you’ll also be able to define the orientation of the video. It should automatically detect what orientation your apps are running in so you really shouldn’t need to mess with the options here.

Step 3


When you’re ready to start recording, just hit the record button (second icon with the red circle. It will begin recording everything that shows up on screen except for the floating toolbar. What you can also do is if you tap the third icon before recording, it will bring up a floating video panel of what appears on your front facing camera, in this case, a video of me in real time.

This is great for those who like filming those “Let’s Play” style Youtube videos you see where you can see the reaction of the player as they are playing. You can choose whether or not to enable this. You can also move this “picture-in-picture” pane around the screen to where you like it.

Step 4


As you’re recording, the floating toolbar collapses and only shows you how much time has elapsed in your video. When you’re done recording, just tap the large circle and the toolbar will expand. Tap the second icon again (red square) and the recording will stop. Your video will save to your albums and from there, you can upload it to your favorite social network.

Below is an example of how the video looks when uploaded to Youtube. As you can see, the video quality is quite good as well as the sound. One thing to note however. It does seem that it screen recording also grabs audio from your mic. Again, this is great for Let’s Play style videos but not everyone will want to have their voice recorded or any ambient sounds recorded. I’m not entirely sure at this point how to turn the mic recording feature off so just be weary of this while you’re recording.

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