Symphony Worlds [Video]

Somehow, I missed the announcement of Symphony Worlds last week and I’m really sorry I did. What an amazing concept this is for a game. Symphony Worlds is a game that takes your music and creates interactive worlds based on it, which include things like terrain, foliage, resources, and even demonic foes. Everything in the game is procedurally generated and destructible.

More than just for world creation, music is integrated at every turn and is the player’s ally as it provides resources and special abilities based on its personality. Need to get out of a jam? Kick-in some heavy-metal. Need to plant a forest? Time for a delicate classical piece. Terrain, weather, day-night cycle, vegetation: everything has an impact on gameplay, and everything is influenced by the music.

Empty Clip Studios is working on a Kickstarter campaign scheduled for this summer, and is hoping to release the game on PC (Steam and DRM-free) in early 2016, followed by consoles and Mac/Linux.

Find out more at


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