Techland’s Dying Light #DrinkForDLC Campaign Reveals More Rewards


What started out as a joke against the ridiculousness of a certain game’s cross promotion with a certain energy drink, Techland’s #DrinkForDLC campaign has actually been a hit with fans and many of them are sending in their photos in support of it, as well as receiving a nice little gift in the form of DLC content for their game, Dying Light.

As a thank you to fans, Techland has extended the promotion and will offer even more surprises based on the number of tweets they receive tagged with #DrinkForDLC.

BTW: That little code at the bottom can be redeemed for a premium docket here:

Press Release

June 25th, 2015 – Warsaw, Poland/ Yesterday Dying Light playfully encouraged people to drink water in exchange for a free docket code that gives players a high-tier weapon to redeem in-game. The response from the community was overwhelmingly positive with fans from all over the globe joining in.

To thank fans for their amazing involvement, today Techland announced an additional level to the Drink For DLC campaign. Techland have decided to design, create and release a number of all new free DLC packs for Dying Light throughout the second half of the year. The campaign will be led by the fans reaching successive stretch goals – by posting pictures of themselves drinking water on Twitter and tagging them with #DrinkForDLC.

All fans who have already participated will have their submissions added to the total tweet count. A full breakdown of the stretch goals are listed in the attached image along with the originally promised docket code:

However, the very first stretch goal will be a more immediate reward. As the tweet count is already nearing 5,000, Techland decided to reward all the water-loving fans with a 50% XP boost to player agility. The perk will be active for 24 hours, starting this Sunday, June 28th (Pacific Time).

Techland will keep fans informed on the campaign progress via the official Dying Light Twitter account and will announce the number of upcoming free DLCs by the end of July 2015.

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