Toca Life: City Review [iOS]

tocacity_iconToca Boca apps have been a staple in my household for as long as I’ve had children. Many of their apps are hugely popular with parents because they are suitable for children and are highly creative and educational. Their latest app, Toca Life: City looks to continue that trend with a huge city they can explore and bring to life.

Toca Life: City is basically an app where kids have free reign of  they can do in their city. They can explore all the different locations and see what they offer as well as interact with almost every object in those locations. Players can pick and choose which characters they want to interact in each setting and there are a lot of them to choose from. After entering each area, players can then interact with mostly everything. Objects can be picked up and moved around, placed in characters hands or on their head, or used in conjunction with another object.

What is kind of neat about it all is that it seems like if you give a character an object to hold, it will carry over to another area in the game. Same holds true if you change their hairstyle at the stylist or their clothes at the department store.

There is a lot to do in Toca Life: City. It’s almost like playing in a digital doll house that happens to have all the accessories and dolls you’ll ever need to enjoy it. I will say, the game is a lot easier to interact with on a larger device like the iPad because there are a lot of small objects that are difficult to interact with on the smaller iPhones. Take that into consideration if you decide to buy this game. Overall, Toca Boca has created another wonderful app here that children can spend hours on.

iTunes Link: Toca Life: City
Version: 1.0
Developer: Toca Boca
Price: $2.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


Welcome to Toca Life: City, a metropolis filled with everyday fun! Customize characters, explore exciting locations and find hidden treasures – there’s something in every corner!

Thanks to the great response to Toca Town, we’re bringing you Toca Life – a series of apps that gives you an even bigger world of everyday fun. First out in the series is Toca Life: Town and Toca Life: City!

Try, experiment and customize. It’s time to get creative in Toca Life: City! Change outfits, dye your hair any color and switch hairstyles in the Hair 3000! There are millions of ways to personalize the characters – we dare you to create them all.

Say hi to 4 new locations and 28 characters! Go shopping at the mall, grab a bite to eat at the food park or invite friends over to your loft. Characters, and anything they are holding, can easily be transported between locations.

Just like in Town, there are treasures hidden everywhere in the City! Take out cash at the ATM, change outfits, wash your clothes and go for coffee with a friend. There’s something for every age!

– 4 locations to explore: loft apartment, shopping mall, hair salon and food park
– 28 characters that are customizable in 3.1 million different ways!
– 47 hairstyles to test, 37 colors to choose from and various outfits to try on
– 7 different food stands at the food park – have some sushi with your burger and try the famous fish ‘n chips!
– Shop for clothes, kitchenware, pets, toys and groceries at the mall
– No time-limit or high scores – play for as long as you like
– No third-party advertising
– No in-app purchases

Toca Life: City was uniquely created for you by you. We received over 10,000 feature requests after Toca Town was released, which we added directly into this app. We want to keep hearing from you so don’t be shy and keep on suggesting! What do you want to see next? Share your ideas with @tocaboca on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

[via iTunes]


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