We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest Review [iOS]

forestquest_iconIf there’s one type of game I haven’t really played much of on the iPad, it’s board games. This is because I mainly play solo games on my mobile devices when I’m by myself or trying to kill some time. However, there are times when I like playing being involved with what my children are playing, so once in a while I’ll check out a multiplayer game that the whole family can enjoy. We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest by Kindermatica is a digital board game meant to be played by the whole family.

Since this is a digital board game, it’s a lot more immersive than a physical board game. There’s music, ambient forest sounds, and quite a bit too look at. Graphically, it’s a really good looking game. The art and all the elements are very well done and I like how the game board is presented in a 3D view instead of just a normal 2D game board.

With that said, gameplay is just like a typical board game. Each player rolls a dice to move around the board and depending on what they land on, must either answer questions, take photos of animals, or present items collected as to not suffer a penalty. First person to make it to the finish, line wins.

As a family friendly game, We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest is pretty good. It’s a really nice way to get the family together like it was back in the days when board games were really popular. I like the educational aspect of the game too as it’s a fun way for kids to learn something new about the animals they love. I suggest playing this on an iPad, although it works equally well on the smaller iPhone screens.

iTunes Link: We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest
Version: 1.0
Developer: Kindermatica Ltd
Price: $1.99Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.


Bring family, friends and classmates together with Forest Quest pass-and-play board game! In this child-friendly multiplayer board game you will get to know the inhabitants of the forest and have amazing adventures! You might meet a bear, hide from rain showers, repair a deer feeder, hunt down a fox and much more! However, only the first player to collect all 7 animal photos and reach the end of the game will win!

On top of providing hours of fun, Forest Quest offers real educational value with over 350 questions and answers about the forest and the animals that live there. This game is easy enough for younger kids and equally challenging and enjoyable for adults.

Game features:
● Multiplayer mode – Option to play with 2 to 4 players or with 1 player against the computer.
● Huge educational value – learn interesting facts about forests, with over 350 challenging questions and answers, as well as 3 difficulty levels
● Beautiful illustrations and amazing pop-up visual effects that bring the scenes to life!
● Engaging game play- earn bonuses and sometimes lose them, get presents and complete the tasks to reach the finish line faster!
● Suitable for any age – appropriate for kids as young as 4, but is equally challenging for adults.
● Individual player settings – select the difficulty level for questions and each player’s figurine.
● Perfect for playing at a party, as a family, and in the classroom.
● Multi-language support.

Hours of family fun with real educational value!

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Disclosures for Parents

We take the privacy of your children and safety concerns serious.
We comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

This app
– Does not share your personal information with us or anyone else.
– Does not include 3rd party ads, or in-app purchases.
– Includes a links, which are locked from kids, to the Kindermatica website, FB page and other apps developed by our company.
– Uses analytics to collect anonymized user data for general information about how people use this app.

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