How Well Does the Fingerprint Scanner Work on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?


If I’m not mistaken, Samsung first introduced a fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S5. From what I heard, it wasn’t very good and didn’t always work as needed. Samsung however didn’t give up on the idea and included it again on the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. This time, it is much improved and instead of sliding your finger across the scanner to verify your fingerprint, you need only touch the scanner now (much like Apple’s TouchID implementation).

Screenshot_2015-08-08-23-01-27 Screenshot_2015-08-08-23-00-49

The fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is amazingly accurate and simple to set up. It’s not on by default and needs to be activated in the “Lock Screen and Security” option in the settings. Under security, tap “Fingerprints” and you can add your fingerprints to the phone’s database. The process requires that you tap the home button numerous times until it has successfully captured the data required to read your print. After which, you can use your fingerprint as a security measure to unlock your phone.

Screenshot_2015-08-08-22-45-33 Screenshot_2015-08-08-22-45-02

I was quite surprised really by just how well the fingerprint scanner works on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. I’ve been using the feature for the past couple of days now and it has yet to fail on me. The only times it has failed has been when I’ve accidentally used the wrong finger to unlock. With that said, I highly suggest adding more than one finger to the database. In my case, I added both my left and right thumbs, this way I can unlock the phone with whichever hand I’m holding it in.

So with that said, to answer my original question posed above, the fingerprint scanner works real well. It works just as well as the iPhone version of it.

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