Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut – Sector 7 Walkthrough – The Finale [PS4]


This is the last and final walkthrough for Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut. Sector 7 is the finale where we finally figure out what the heck is really going on. Sector 7 again features a new game mechanic in which your gloves now can take on the power of whatever cube you want and you can form your own cubes on specific parts of the puzzles.

Sector 7 is much shorter in length that some of the previous sectors but still provides quite a bit of challenges thanks to the fact that now, you’ll have to really figure out the solution on your own. There are probably several ways you could solve these so even though mine work, they might not be the best or shortest solutions. Also not that Part 1 of the video only shows the puzzle portion of Sector 7. I cut the video right before the finale. The finale is in Part 2, but I suggest not watching it.

Part 1

Spoiler Warning: There are some major spoilers in the video below especially when it comes to the story. I suggest not watching the video below unless you’ve played the rest of the game. The video below features the end of the story and gives away what’s really going on. You have been warned!

Also if you haven’t already done so, check out the walkthrough for Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3, Sector 4, Sector 5, and Sector 6.


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