Never Alone: Foxtales DLC Review [PS4]


One of the big surprises at the end of 2014 was that of Upper One Games’ Never Alone. With the help of the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, this was a small indie title that featured Alaskan folklore and one that told a truly unique and emotional story. Not only that, the gameplay was actually quite good and the visuals were just so beautiful and well done. While the game seemed like a self contained game that ended on a happy note, the developers released a new DLC adventure called Never Alone: Foxtales that further the adventures of Nuna and her Arctic Fox friend.


No longer dealing with a harsh and unforgiving Winter, Spring has come to the Arctic where we rejoin our heroin, Nuna and her Arctic Fox friend. The story revolves around the first day of Spring as the two friends venture out on their own. They come upon a field mouse and chase it down to the ocean and this is where the adventure begins.


As with the main game, the visuals in Never Alone: Foxtales is simply gorgeous. It still has that same atmosphere as the main game where everything looks so calm and beautiful, but even beauty can be hazardous as the environments here and be deadly. I’m not entirely sure if their was a graphics upgrade in the DLC, but the water in the new Foxtales looks incredible and even better than before. It looks even more realistic with its reflections and rippling effect and really adds to the whole look and feel of the game, considering that much of this takes place in the water.


Like before, the lighting effects too are amazing as are what seem to be new textures for both Nuna and the Fox. The Fox especially looks like it has better fur. Overall, everything just looks upgraded and enhanced.


For the most part, Never Alone: Foxtales DLC plays exactly like the regular game, which isn’t a terrible thing as the original game was pretty spot on. This game still features environmental puzzles that need to be solved and the ability to swap between the main character, Nuna and the fox are still present. What is new is the ability to row a boat now.


The boat rowing doesn’t really add much to the overall game, but it’s nice to have as it does allow you to cover more ground quickly and the developers do incorporate it into some of the puzzles.


Most of the puzzles this time around seem to be more of the water type puzzles but still involve interaction with spirits. What seems new here are the spirits are able to now give you these “spiritual” boulder looking things that you an pick up and use to help break barriers or block up holes. You just have to figure out how to use them in retaliation to the puzzles.

Like before, you can also find hidden owls that unlock those educational cultural videos that tell so much more about the Iñupiaq tribe.

Final Thoughts

If you loved the original Never Alone and wanted more, this is your chance to get more. While the Never Alone: Foxtales DLC only includes 3 levels and is relatively short, it’s still a very beautiful game that adds even more insight into the Iñupiaq and their way of life. The gameplay is still just as good as the original game and is a must buy for fans.


Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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