HeyBC Review – A Pure Spelling App for Kids

heybc_iconHeyHey Apps is back again with another educational kids game based on the art of famed Belgium street artist, Bué the Warrior. The game is called HeyBC and is billed as a pure spelling app, devoid of distractions and useless elements so that kids can focus on what’s important, spelling words with letters.


There are only three options in the game to choose from, 1, 2, and 3 stars which corresponds to easy, medium, and hard. The core game in each mode is the same with some slight differences. Easy mode includes 1 letter inserted as a clue. Medium takes the letter out but has color codes blue for vowels and white for consonants. Hard mode removes the color coding where you’ll have to rely on just the sounds to make the word.

The one constant in the game is how the words are presented to you. A drawing is shown of an object. You can tap the object to have the narrator speak it to you. Based on the word, tap on the available letters below to hear the sound of each letter. Drag the letter into a blank space and repeat until the whole word is spelled out.

Graphically, the game is still bright and fun with the artwork from Bué the Warrior, but isn’t quite as wacky and out there as some of the previous apps. Like stated above, the UI is pretty sparse mainly because the devs want kids to focus on the spelling ant not on how overly designed the app could have been.

HeyBC is a straight to the point spelling app for children. It doesn’t try to dazzle with glitter or fireworks and instead is very direct. Here’s an object, hear are some letters, now try to spell the word out on your own. The app makes you learn by doing and doesn’t hold your hand much in the process. It’s an interesting approach to a spelling app and one that might work out if your kids are the type to get easily distracted.

iTunes Link: HeyBC
Version: 1.0
Developer: HeyHey Apps
Price: $2.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Out with the fun, time to get serious. No more playing around.

HeyBC – our 6th HeyHey App – is an educational app.

HeyBC 1.0 is written and spoken in English, Spanish, French, German, English, Finish, Swedish, Dutch and Turkish.
English, German and Dutch in phonics.

HeyBC is an app to help children that are learning to write or are discovering the amazing world of letters, sounds and words.

HeyBC is a spelling app stripped to it’s bare essentials. No distractions and an almost non-existent UI, so that children can focus on what they are doing, spelling words with letters.

HeyBC contains 100 words, all animated.

All HeyBC artwork is created by celebrated Belgian street artist Bué the Warrior.

[via iTunes]

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