Pumped BMX+ Review [PS4]


There have actually been quite a few “extreme” sports games on the PS4 already, such as the OlliOlli, Trials Fusion, and various others that I probably haven’t played yet. These games are usually pretty fun and in my case, I play them because these are things that I can’t do in real life. I can’t skateboard for the life of me and I definitely don’t do motorcross. That brings me to developer YEAUS’ latest, Pumped BMX+. While I can ride a bike, I sure has heck can’t do tricks on one so Pumped BMX+ is the closest I’ll ever get to becoming a pro BMX’er.

Pumped BMX+ is a side scrolling BMX game not unlike Trials Fusion. Each level has a start and finish line and it’s your task to get your BMX biker to the end. Like OlliOlli, finishing is only half the objective. The other half consists of landing sweet tricks to get your score up before reaching the end. Unlike OlliOlli however, Pumped BMX+ is really easy to get into with a very in-depth tutorial that will have you flipping tricks in no time.

The game has a rather interesting control scheme. Left thumbstick controls vertical rotation, both triggers control horizontal rotation, “X” controls speed, and the right thumbstick + bumpers are used for pulling off tricks. It works rather well and keeps the game flowing. You never really feel like you’re struggling with the controls and after a few minutes, you should be playing like a pro.


The game is broken up into different “worlds” with each having several levels to complete. You can only unlock the next world be completing a minimum number of challenges presented in each level. Challenges range from easy, medium, and hard and most are not too difficult to pull off. These range from hitting a minimum score to pulling of a specific trick.  The levels themselves are pretty short with some levels only having a couple jumps. This isn’t entirely bad as it does keep the game moving along and its a lot less frustrating than in other games where where the levels are too long. In fact, this is one of the most laid back, “extreme” sport games I’ve played.

I won’t talk much about the graphics other than to say that the game looks really polished. Colors are really bright and pop out at you and for the most part, it’s an interesting art style to take with a game like this. It leans more towards the “kid” end of things, very cutesy and cartoon-like. It works for the tone of the game.


My only real criticism of Pumped BMX+ is the lack of a multiplayer option. I really wanted to play this with my son and couldn’t. There is no local multiplayer present nor is there an online option. That’s disappointing because similar games like Trials Fusion and OlliOlli 2 do have local multiplayer modes. It would have been nice if there was a head-to-head mode that allowed for real-time competitions, but there isn’t. Instead there just a leaderboard where you can compare your scores with friends.

Despite this, Pumped BMX+ is a really fun single player game. I loved Trials and OlliOlli so it was only natural for me to love this game. The tricks are actually pretty easy to pull off, but it’s landing them that’s challenging. Still, this game isn’t as hard as those other games, making Pumped BMX+ perfect for casual players and more experienced players.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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