Trials Fusion Review (PS4)


Trials Fusion is newest installment of the highly popular and challenging Trials series. Developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft, this new Trials game takes place in the distant future with much more sci-fi themed environments than previous games. By switching the series to the future, RedLynx was able to create a game with much more varied levels that aren’t tied down to present day physics. Gravity is still a constant however with your biker, but the developers are able to do more with the levels themselves that weren’t possible before because of the theme, as crazy as that may sound. That means Trials Fusion is even more over the top than previous games.

Disclaimer: Ubisoft was kind enough to send me a review copy of Trials Fusion for the PS4.


If you’ve played any of the previous Trials games before, you’ll be able to get into this one fairly quickly. Mechanics are pretty much all the same in which you use the triggers to accelerate or brake/reverse and the left control stick to manipulate rotation of your bike. Of course you also retain the ability to bail using the triangle button which makes for some rather interesting ragdoll events. The game mechanics are easy to pick up, for the most part, although actually putting all that into practice is a lot harder than it sounds.

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One of the new features in Trials Fusion is the ability to perform tricks with your jumps. These are performed with the right thumbstick and are performed based on the direction you push and the angle of your bike. Also the amount of time you hold the stick can change what kind of trick you perform. What’s neat too is that you can still rotate your bike and do flips as you are performing a trick, though your chances of landing the more complicated trick drastically decreases. It’s a neat new addition to the game and once you unlock the ability to perform tricks, you can do them on any run, even on runs that don’t score you for tricks.

Trials has always been a really challenging game, especially in the later levels of progression. Trials Fusion is no different. The early stages are meant to gradually increase your skill level until you can tackle the later levels, but the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly and you’ll find that pretty early on, it gets much harder to gold metal each level. Unless you perfect your riding technique on the easier stages, a lot of these later stages will be almost impossible to even complete. That’s how hard they get. Not only that, if you’re looking to complete each level cleanly without bailing, you can almost forget about it as you’ll most likely be eating dirt more often that you’d like to. My suggestion when you start hitting those hard to pass levels is to go back and try improving or beating earlier levels that might have only silvered or bronzed. This allows you to actually train yourself to get better which is really the only way you’ll be able to pass the harder  levels.

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Of course winning isn’t everything and sometimes it’s just fun watching all the many ways your rider can fail at this game. Much of it ends up being trial and error with a little bit of luck, but it’s fun to watch.

Like previous games, as you progress, you’ll earn different bikes with different abilities. The type of bike you choose for each run and certainly affect the outcome of your time. However, certain bikes can only be used on certain levels so keep that in mind too.


I’ve played Trials before on an Xbox 360 and Trials Fusion here on the PS4 looks very impressive and runs a very smooth 1080p at 60fps. This is one of the best looking Trials games to date and will not disappoint any of its fans. The environments are all very detailed and since this is set in the future, there are some rather interesting things going on while you’re playing. There could be explosions going on all around you or parts of the environment collapsing or changing. What’s really impressive though are the lighting effects which really gives the game a more realistic look on top of the beautifully rendered models.



Trials Fusion this time around allows you to create your own levels from scratch. I didn’t get into this much as I’m not one for crafting my own levels and in all honesty, when ever I try to create my own levels on anything, they usually are not very playable so I don’t even bother. The neat thing though is that you’re able to download tracks from other players who are much better than I am. That means Trials Fusion has a lot of replay value as you’re able to in essence play an infinite number of tracks.

You also gain quite a bit of money in this game for each level you complete and medal you earn that you use in the store to buy new outfits. There are quite a few outfits you can unlock which includes the full body and a helmet. These however do not affect the way your rider behaves, they just allow you to express yourself.

Final Thoughts

Trials Fusion is the best version of the game to date. The core game itself isn’t much different from previous games but that’s not a bad thing considering the previous games were all very solid and fun. What you do get now though is a new freestyle tricks system and the ability to create and share new levels with others. The graphics of course look very good in this new game though for some reason, there is a bit of a load time between menu transitions and level loading for some reason.

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The game does rely on Ubisoft’s uPlay network for tracking of scores and friend’s scores as well as the saving of ghost data. Without uPLay, you won’t be able to compare scores or race against ghosts to improve your time. I suggest signing up though as you’ll be able to unlock a few bonus items if you are on uPlay.

Overall, Trials Fusion is a very fun game that is a great addition to the Trials franchise. I’m having a blast playing it and even my kid is having fun. In fact, we end up competing against each other on our times and it’s amazing to see just how good he actually is on it. He’s beaten my fastest times on several tracks already. I do recommend this game for those looking for something that can play with their kids, though the later levels can be really hard, your kids will have so much fun watching their riders fail.



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