Star Wars Battlefront Companion App Review [iOS/Android]

battlefront_iconIf you’re a Star Wars fan, more than likely you are playing EA and DICE’s latest, Star Wars Battlefront. It’s a game that has had some mixed reviews mainly for its lack of a single player, story driven option and its focus on multiplayer only modes. For fans though, it’s a game that is rich with Star Wars imagery and a game that allows us to fulfill our dreams of crushing the rebellion or overthrowing the empire. Whether it’s flying an X-Wing fighter or playing as Darth Vader, Star Wars Battlefront is a game that has a lot of Star Wars details baked in that most Star Wars fans will go gaga over – my self included. What if you want more from your experience that extends beyond the game? I suggest downloading the Star Wars Battlefront Companion App on either iOS or Android.

Like most standard companion apps, the Star Wars Battlefront Companion App allows you to check out all the latest Battlefront news from EA and Dice. It also lets you check out your in-game Career with your stats and progression as well as weapon and Star Card unlocks. You’ll also be able to see which one of your friends are online and logged into Battlefront.


What is also included in the companion app that makes it better than most is the inclusion of a fun little mini game called Base Command. It’s basically a tower defense style game in which you must defend your rebel base against the empire. It’s a card game in which you are randomly given unit cards and perk cards and must use them skillfully to defend yourself. It’s not a very hard game to pick up and you will learn how to play it after the first few rounds. While the cards you get are luck based, knowing what to do with them takes skill and strategy.

Base Command isn’t just a useless mini game either. Any credits you earn get added to your credits in the main Battlefront game and can be used to purchase new cards and upgrades. Playing it can also unlock some items in the diorama on the main game.

Overall, the Star Wars Battlefront Companion App is a must have for anyone who is currently playing the main game. Being able to check your stats is more than enough reason to get it and the Base Command mini game is just a bonus for those who want another option for making extra credits.

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