PlayStation Messages Review [iOS]

PSmessages_iconLike many of you who own a PS4, you’re probably using the PlayStation app to see who is online at times and what they are playing. The problem with the app is that it’s quite clunky and slow and can at times not even load. Sony decided to pull the message feature out of the app and make a new standalone PlayStation Messages app. That means that you will need to download this app now if you want to chat on PSN, but based on my experience with the app so far, it’s faster, has more features, and the user interface is much cleaner and nicer than the original app.

The new messages app looks very much like the Facebook Messages app, if you use that. They even have similar color schemes. There is a navigation bar at the bottom which includes tabs for Messages, Favorites, Friends, and Settings.

The Messages tab basically shows you all your recent messages with a small preview of what the last message was. You can also create a new message from this screen by tapping hte icon on the top right.

The Favorites tab allows you to create chat groups with those friends you talk to the most. For instance if you have a fireteam that you play with daily and want to send a group message quickly, you would just create the group in this tab and send a quick message from here. You can name the group anything you want and can also add a photo for your group.

The Friends tab lists all your PSN friends in alphabetical order. You can also set it where it lists your friends who are online up top. You can create messages from here to by tapping on your friend’s name and can also check out their profile. Profile duties are handled by the old PlayStation app however so it’ll switch over to that automatically. It’s easy to switch back however without switching apps.

The only missing feature I see i the app is the ability to add new friends to chat with or to see recent players you might have met online in a multiplayer game. To add new friends, you’ll still need to use your console or the original PlayStation app. Hopefully that will get sorted out in a future update.

I know many out there probably have reservations about having to download another app for something that was included in the main app, but this new Messages app is just so much better than was the original app offered. Not only can you send text messages, but you can also send stickers and voice messages as well. You can even send photos that you take with your phone. While not a perfect app, it could be once Sony adds a new more needed features.

iTunes Link: PlayStation Messages
Version: 3.10.67
Developer: Sony / PlayStation Mobile
Price: Free
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Use PlayStation®Messages to instantly see who’s online and message your gamer friends and favorite groups from your mobile device. Always stay connected with your gamer friends to talk about the games you love to play even while you’re away from your PS4™ system.

With PlayStation®Messages installed on your mobile device, you can:

– Check your Friends List to instantly see who’s online and what they’re playing.

– Send text or voice messages as well as photos and stickers to your friends or a group with up to 100 players.

– Quickly access your favorite message groups from your favorites list.

An account to connect to PlayStation™Network is required to use this application’s features.

[via iTunes]

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