I Play 45 Minutes of Not A Hero on PS4 [Video]


Last night I played a little bit over 45 minutes of Roll7’s new game, Not A Hero on PS4. Since the PS4 can only capture 15 minutes of video at a time, this footage here was captured via Youtube Gaming stream, which is why it is over 45 minutes long. Quality was also set to medium HD due to my bandwidth at the time.

I’m not entirely sure how far I got into the game, but I know that towards the end, the game got really challenging and the little challenges they threw in for each level got harder and harder to complete all three. You’ll also note that in the video, I only tried playing as one character, Steve, even though other characters were available. I figured I’d keep it consistent and try seeing how far I could get using just him.

Not A Hero is incredibly fun, though also incredibly violent. It’s an action game squarely aimed at adults and features violence, blood, and adult language. It’s probably something you want to keep away from young kids. On that note, I’m an adult and really had a good time playing this. The game is fast, challenging, and the controls are pretty intuitive. The cover mechanic works quite well, especially for a 2D based game. It’s also surprising the amount of detail they included for a game based on pixel art.

I do plan on streaming more of this game later along with gameplay using the other unlocked characters so stay tuned to my Youtube channel.

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