Toca Boca launches “Take a Stand for Play” Campaign


Toca Boca really wants your kids to play, and they don’t mean just sitting around playing video games. Instead, they want kids to really go out and play. They argue that free, open play teaches kids how to make decisions, problem-solve, exert self-control, follow rules, regulate emotions and develop and maintain peer relationships. Kids are losing their free time and as a result, are not engaging in this sort of open play anymore, which is a shame.

I know when I was a kid, my friends and I did a lot of playing and it wasn’t just sports. We would go out and have adventures or make up cool games to partake in. Even now, I try to have my kids do the same. I always make sure they take the time to have fun and to be a kid. Toca Boca is asking all parents to do the same with this rather interesting campaign.

Check out the details below and hey, you might even score yourself a free poster.

Join Toca Boca and Take a Stand for Play!
There’s a problem with the state of play in America. Everyone likes it. It’s like s’mores wrapped in ice cream wrapped in summer holidays.
So, what’s the issue? Play, the open-ended, unstructured, free-from-rules-and-goals kind of play, is on the decline, and that’s a problem for us all.
Kids have lost 12 hours of free time per week and experienced a 25 percent decrease in play. This has caused an overall decline in children’s creativity and correlates with an increase in anxiety and depression. But it doesn’t have to be this way, play shouldn’t fall to the wayside in favor of academics and other planned activities. Free, open play is a crucial part of kids’ social and emotional development. In addition to helping them practice cooperation, sharing, problem solving and conflict resolution, it bolsters creativity and self-confidence. In short, it’s nothing to “play” with.
This February, Toca Boca is asking parents to join them in taking a stand for play! It’s easy, and FUN, to get involved:
  1. Visit to learn more about the power of play. Let your imagination run wild on our interactive site – draw, paint, mark…and have a blast!
  2. Spread the word by sharing the ‘Take a Stand for Play’ poster on your Facebook or Twitter feed and get your very own play-kit, complete with printed poster and tons of stickers, for free!
  3. Got your poster? Flip it over and design your own poster to show us (and the world) what play means to you.
  4. Then, show it off! Take a photo holding your poster and share it using the hashtag, #StandForPlay for a chance to see it on Toca Boca’s website or social channels.
“Play is on the decline in America, kids are overscheduled and free time is simply undervalued,” said  Björn Jeffery, CEO and founder of Toca Boca. “Since day one at Toca Boca, we’ve been focused on encouraging free play, without rules, levels or predetermined outcomes. We believe in play for the sake of play which is why we want
 to do everything we can to stand up and protect it.”

Take A Stand for Play - Toca Boca - INFOGRAOHIC


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