Full KLAUS Green Levels (Ducts Floor) Walkthrough Plus End on PS4 [Video]


These new “green” levels, aka the Ducts Floor is much different from the first set of “red” levels. After defeating the last boss, K1, he now joins you on your adventure and accompanies Klaus in these new set of challenges. In these levels, you must control both Klaus and K1 either independently or at the same time and have them both reach the exit. It’ll require skill set of both characters to make your way through each of these new levels. K1 has much different moves from Klaus so like the last chapter, this one here really deals with just learning how to use K1 properly.

The green levels also feature a while new set of memory fragments you must find which I’ve listed below in each video. Once you’ve collected all the fragments, you’ll be treated to a memory level where you’ll learn more about Klaus and who he is.

Green Level 1 – Three’s Company

This is the first of the “green” levels, aka Ducts Floor. This is the first level where we get to use K1, that boss we beat in the “red” levels. K1 is actually a friend and a character you will have to control along with Klaus. Here you will learn how to control both characters at the same time as well as independently. Most of the this level is to get aquanted with K1’s moves which are quite different from Klaus’s. The secret area here is located around the 5:35 mark in the video.

Green Level 2 – Bouncing For Our Lives

In this level, we are introduced to bouncing elements as well as areas now where you’ll have to split Klaus and K1 apart. The secret area here is located around the 5:45 mark.

Green Level 3 – Air Control

Level 3 introduces the use of air fans that can shoot you in whatever direction they are facing. That makes navigating this level a fit tricky. The secret area here can be found at around the 2:45 mark.

Green Level 4 – Acid Rock

I believe this is the first time we are introduced to some deadly acid filled pits you must traverse over. This makes the level very dangerous. The secret are here appears at the 4:35 mark.

Green Level 5 – Industrial Revolution

This level will force you to split Klaus and K1 up for most of the entire thing. You will have to alternate between characters in order to open up sections for both that they can’t do on their own. The secret area here comes up fairly early at the 0:35 mark. This area requires both K1 and Klaus to get up to.

Green Level 6 – Doppelganger + End

Klaus and K1 are back together in this level. Here you’ll need to use everything you’ve learned so far to get to the end. The secret area is at the 2:45 mark. This is one of the more annoyingly difficult ones not because it was actually difficult, but because I just couldn’t get the jumps right. If you did all the other secret areas, you’ll also get transported to a new memory.

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