HITMAN Beta Impressions and Gameplay Videos


So how many of you were able to check out the HITMAN Beta this weekend? While the previous beta was only available to those who preordered, this one was open to anyone who was a PlayStation Plus member. That means that this guy right here was able to play hours of it this weekend. While the beta was basically just a a prequel and consisted of a couple of training missions, those missions were quite fun, even after playing them over and over again. The fact that you’re able to try out different things and complete missions in different ways really does wonders for the replay factor.

Overall, I really enjoyed the beta. I like how open ended everything was and how each time I played, I would notice something new or discover something new to do. It’s amazing that you could play the same level over and over again and not really get bored of it. Do I think you should go buy the game when it comes out? That I don’t know. I’m still not too sure about the whole episodic thing so it really all depends on just how much content there is in each episode.

If you didn’t get a chance to play the beta, check out some gameplay I captured from this weekend’s festivities.

The last video is probably the best video of the bunch from my weekend of play. Here I play the tutorial freeform mission over and over again in order to complete all the included challenges. This gives you an idea of just how open ended HITMAN is. The challenges are more like “recommendations” and it’s quite possible to complete missions in ways they don’t tell you.

HITMAN will launch on March 11th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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