Full KLAUS Glitch Levels Walkthrough on PS4 [Video]


It’s been a while since I’ve continued my KLAUS walkthroughs and the reason for that is that there were other games that came out that I needed to check out. Anyways, this walkthrough is for the Glitch World levels that come after the Purple (Electric Floors) levels. The Glitch World is very different from the other previous levels have feature rule breaking gameplay. The Glitch World is one of my favorite sections in the game and features gameplay that requires you to think outside of the box. You’ll have to put aside a lot of what you know about traditional platform games to get through these.

Glitch World 1: People Are Strange

Glitch World 2: So Close, Yet So Far

Glitch World 3: Backdoor Man

Glitch World 4: Over My Dead Body

Glitch World 5: Breaking the Law

Glitch World 6: We Got the Script

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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