Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Carrier Bloatware on the AT&T Edition


If you live in the US and picked up a new Samsung Galaxy S7, you more likely than not picked it up from your carrier. Whether it was on T-Mobile, Verizon, or AT&T, I’m willing to bet that your shiny new device came with carrier bloatware on it. What’s bloatware? Bloatware is basically all that crap that comes pre-installed on your device whether you want it or not and for the most part, it’s stuff you don’t want. These are apps you will never ever use that get hidden in the app tray, inside of a folder labeled junk that just takes up useful space. This is something that occurs in pretty much all carrier locked devices regardless of manufacturer (except Apple).

Anyways, I have the AT&T version of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 here and how many of these useless apps come preloaded on it? Let’s see.

  1. Screenshot_20160502-191953AT&T Device Help
  2. AT&T Usage Manager
  3. myAT&T
  4. AT&T Smart Limits
  5. AT&T Protect Plus
  6. AT&T Caller Name ID
  7. Lookout
  8. AT&T Locker
  9. Uber
  10. AT&T DriveMode
  11. Amazon
  12. Amazon Kindle
  13. Plenti
  15. DIRECTV Remote

That is 15 apps that came preloaded with the Samsung Galaxy S7, not including the Google apps and Samsung apps. I left the Google and Samsung apps out of the list as those most likely would come on the unlocked version as well. These are all apps that are taking up space on your device that can not even be removed. They can only be turned off.

Of course this isn’t limited to the Samsung Galaxy S7. This is basically any Android device that comes carrier locked. Carriers think we want to use their apps (we don’t) and their partners’ apps. Some of the partner apps I would have downloaded anyways, but others I would have totally skipped.

With that said, 15 apps preloaded isn’t even the worst I’ve seen. I looked at an HTC One M8 back in 2014 once that had 21 apps preloaded.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an excellent device in my opinion and one of the best Android devices out there right now. It’s just too bad that the carriers here in the US have to put there mark on it by including so much junk. Even though you can’t remove any of it though, at least you can disable them or hide them in a folder buried in your app tray.

If you want a device that doesn’t come with carrier nonsense, try to pick up the unlocked edition.

This version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 I’m checking out is an at&t unit with 32GB of memory and a Snapdragon 820 w/4GB of RAM. It was provided by Samsung for evaluation purposes and is being used with an at&t sim card.

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