Playing HITMAN’s First Elusive Target – Success, Though I Nearly Failed It | Video


If you own HITMAN, then you know that last Friday, May 13th saw the introduction of the game’s first Elusive Target, Sergei Larin, aka The Forger. This contract took us back to Paris and the Sanguine Fashion Show.

What made this first Elusive Target contract different from the rest is that you only had a 48 hour window of opportunity to eliminate the target. Careful planning was necessary because if you somehow failed the mission and died, it would be game over. You were only given one opportunity and if you blew it, that would be it. There would be no do overs.

With that said, I did not head straight to the Elusive Target contract. I instead spent a good day playing through the regular mission over and over again until I felt like I had a good understanding of where certain items were, where certain characters would show up, and to memorize the layout of the mansion a bit more since it has been a while since I played the Paris map.

When I did finally start the first Elusive Target contract, I was still very nervous even though I felt like I was as ready as I’d ever be. If you notice in the video, I took the mission extra slowly, more so than I would usually do. I tried my best not to get spotted or to alert the guards as I made my way to the second floor and attic areas where I thought the target would be.

When they said “elusive” they meant it because The Forger was one difficult guy to find. Most of these targets have a route they take but I was never fortunate enough to actually see what his route was. So when I finally saw him for the first time, instead of trying to follow him around, I took the initiative and placed a proximity mine in an area I thought he would head to, based on his intro trailer. It paid off because he stepped right into it and boom! Bye bye Sergei Larin. Luckily I was also out of the area when the explosion went off so none of the guards knew it was me.

I then proceeded downstairs to the security office in hopes of deleting the recorded camera footage and that’s when I nearly blew it. The guards caught me trying to erase the footage because I was being careless and instead of trying to fight off four armed guards, I made a run for it. They gave chase, but I was able to make it to the Catacombs exit. Whew.

This first Elusive Target was a stressful mission and one where my heart felt like it was beating a mile a minute the entire time. The possibility that you could potentially fail the mission and never play it again weighed heavily on me and when I did finally successfully complete the missions, it gave me a huge feeling of accomplishment. I felt really good that was able to finish it and not fail. All-in-all, a very fun contact that required a lot of planning in advance. I can’t wait to do more of these.

I’m glad I was also able to record footage of my feat as proof of my first successful Elusive Target.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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