Bejeweled Stars Review | Mobile

bejeweled_iconThere was a time when Bejeweled was king of the match 3 games. I remember back when Facebook was still in its early days and a ton of my friends were playing Bejeweled Blitz on there. Then a mobile app came out for it and they were playing it on there until it eventually lost steam to other games like Candy Crush Saga and other King made games such as Farm Heroes Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga. Once in a while, I would pick up Bejeweled Blitz again, but the gameplay just felt outdated when compared to many of the newer games out there. That’s probably why EA recently released a whole new take on the Bejeweled series called Bejeweled Stars that incorporates many of the new gameplay features we loved with current games, but with their own twist to it.

Bejeweled Stars is a match 3 game which means that it plays very much like any match 3 game should. Match 3 of the same color to clear them from the board. Match 4 and get a special flame gem. Match 5 and get an even more special gem. What makes Bejeweled Stars a bit different though is that you can combine special gem types to alter what they do. For example, a regular flame gem would explode in a 3×3 block but if you combine 2 flame gems, the explosion becomes much larger. Other gem combinations produce other unique abilities you’ll have to figure out as well. All I can say is that these new special gems can create some crazy combos when they set off a chain.

Another interesting thing about the game is that you’re not limited to combining gems in a straight line either. You can easily make a combo by matching 4 same colored gems in a square pattern.

Bejeweled Stars is also very challenging, especially as you progress to the higher levels. You not only have to make matches, but also do things like catch butterflies, destroy stone blocks, or a combination of things. There’s even the familiar challenge of obtaining a 3-star rating based on your score. Luckily, there is no countdown timer anymore so you’re free to take your time on each puzzle now.

With all that said, Bejeweled Stars is my new match 3 addiction. It’s a really hard game to put down once you start it and while you don’t need to get a 3-star rating on each level, you just do if you’re a perfectionist. There are so many things to like about the new Bejeweled Stars that I really think EA has a winner here that will stick with fans and possibly bring the Bejeweled name back to the top.

iTunes Link: Bejeweled Stars
Google Play Link: Bejeweled Stars
Developer: Electronic Arts
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes


Be brilliant in Bejeweled Stars, a brand-new match-3 experience like no other! Experience endless fun and the freedom to play your way in a beautiful world filled with surprises, explosions, and unique challenges. Combine sparkling gems to earn rewards, create Powers when you need them most, uncover collectible Charms to express yourself, and even control the game board itself as you play. Free to download.

Bejeweled Stars comes to life with exciting twists and challenges. Master moving Currents of gems to enhance your matching strategy. Maneuver gem-filled Clouds around the board, causing winning cascades. Rescue floating butterflies before they slip away into the sky.

Open chests to reveal exclusive Charms – delightful Bejeweled emojis that let you express your own style and send personal messages. There are hundreds to discover as you play!

Collect brand-new SkyGems and use them to create special Powers. Use the Star Swapper to blast through difficult spots. Shuffle the game board for new matches with the Scrambler. Deploy the Powers you want, when you want them, and perfect your winning strategy.

Earn shining stars with every level you play. Watch as they fill Constellations in the sky and unlock amazing rewards!

Looking for some friendly competition? Each level has its own leaderboard, making it easy to track progress in the game, compete with friends, and show off your powerful skills.

Go to your shiny place in this brand-new matching experience that takes you far away from the everyday.

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