More HOMEFRONT: The Revolution Gameplay on PS4 | Initial Impressions


After playing through a pretty straight forward introduction in HOMEFRONT: The Revolution, I was expecting the game to play roughly the same way. I was hoping for an intense, story driven first person shooter that would take me from chapter to chapter as I lead America back to freedom. However, what I got was something completely different. HOMEFRONT: The Revolution isn’t a traditional shooter at all and is instead, an open world game similar to something like Farcry 4. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though and does open up the gameplay a bit to be more open-ended and less of a game that just leads you to an ending.

There are specific story related missions you need to accomplish but along the way, you’ll find smaller side missions that don’t necessarily need to be done, but you might as well do them to earn money for upgrades and to extend the reach of the Resistance movement.


Below you’ll see what the gameplay is like in this open world environment. Enemies appear randomly on the map and can either be engaged or avoided. You can also play entirely as a lone wolf or recruit NPCs that follow you around and help you (Red Zone). They are pretty useless at times though. Your starting weapon is also very crappy so when you have enough money, I highly suggest buying a new weapon along with some upgrades. Also, aiming down the sights with the starter gun just doesn’t work. It bounces around way too much to be effective. I suggest just shooting from the hip with it until you get a new gun.

After moving back to the Yellow Zone areas, the game switches pace a bit. There will be less running and gunning and more “stealth” involved. Try not to arouse the suspicions of the KPA officers. I find that sneaking up on enemy KPA officer is the best strategy and to hide when things go south.

I’m starting to get the hang of what you’re supposed to do in this game as you can see that there’s a clear difference between my Red Zone gameplay on the first night and my Yellow Zone gameplay on the second night.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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