Robot Brawler, Heart&Slash Heading to PlayStation 4 on June 24th | Launch Trailer

I had never heard of Heart&Slash before today, but after checking out the launch trailer, I may have to give this game a go.

Developed by AHEARTFULOFGAMES, Heart&Slash is a fast-paced 3D brawler with roguelike elements set in a colorful yet desolate world. You fight as Heart, a malfunctioning robot trying to escape the grip of mindless machines in a future where humans are no more.

Along the way, you meet Slash. Naturally, Heart tries to capture Slash’s attention through several playthroughs — which is far from easy since Slash is a somewhat rough veteran. *How* and *if* Heart succeeds actually depends on your choices: Each quest undertaken, for example, is a chance to woo Slash; you’ll have a couple of opportunities during every playthrough to define how the relationship evolves. Will you choose independence, or will you change in order to be loved? Will you find a balance that will allow your love story to thrive? The choice is yours 🙂


  • Fight using 75 different weapons and 60 different body parts that will change the way the game plays. Teleport, stop time, fly with a jetpack, wall-jump, discover enemy weaknesses, and more. From the trivial to the game-changing, you can try thousands of different combinations.
  • Die and try again. Permadeath means Heart&Slash is not an easy game — but dying shouldn’t matter, since robots can be cloned easily and indefinitely. Every time you start a new game, the levels you fight through and the items or weapons you collect will change.
  • Unique art style that will bring back the memories of game systems long gone.
  • Almost no downtime. Levels are short and brutal.

Heart&Slash will launch on June 24, 2016 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 worldwide.




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