Successfully Completed HITMAN Elusive Target #3 | The Prince | Video


So I completed HITMAN’s latest Elusive Target #3 – The Prince and let me tell you, this was the most difficult one yet. My playthrough last night wasn’t flawless nor did it take only one try. I went with several different options before I found a solution that I thought would work for me. Let me explain.

As preparation for the new Elusive Target, I spent about 30 minutes exploring the church area in Sapienza along with the underground sewer system. These two areas are connected to each other so I thought it best to memorize the layout of these two areas. Once I felt comfortable with how I wanted to approach the missions, I loaded up the new Elusive Target missions, The Prince.

In this missions, you’re tasked with eliminating The Prince, Father Adalrico Candelaria. He is there visiting the church for a day of prayer. Upon starting up the missions, I headed towards the church and to the spot where I thought I could sneak in. Wrong. The security at the church is insane and not anything like it is in the regular game. There are literally guards posted at every single entrance way you could think of so my original planning had to be scrapped.

I somehow managed to discover a route on the side by the bathrooms that led me into the sewers undetected and I thought I could get to my target from there. Technically I could, but there were just too many guards to risk an attack from there. The repair man outfit allows you to roam the sewers freely, but once you try getting into the catacombs area, the guards mark you as trespassing so I had to restart from there.

Next up, I tried an attack in the garden/graveyard area dressed as a guard (starts around the 23:00 mark). After assessing the situation there, I thought I could take him out with a well placed remote explosive, but that didn’t work. I really wanted to try for a silent assassin kill, but it didn’t seem like I could do it here so again, I hit restart.

Lastly, I made my way into the church via the funeral home home route (starts at around the 34:00 mark) which seemed to work best and got me the closest to Father Adalrico Candelaria. This also got me the church key which made it easier to get into the security room in the basement. I had to take out a priest for his disguise as well as the Father’s personal guard. After 2 attempts (final attempt starts at 49:00 mark), I finally was able to get a melee attempt with a knife on him. It wasn’t pretty but it got the job done.

Escaping was easy as the priest, although I nearly got spotted by either a guard or one of the church workers. Not sure which as I was busy trying to make my escape.

Below is the edited video that only shows my final run and completion of Elusive Target #3.


  • If you’re wondering how I was able to retry my attempts even though you’re really only allowed one shot at the target, you can restart or replan as long as you do not die and I think as long as you don’t make an attempt on the target. If you think you’re in trouble, restart.
  • If you’re streaming this to Youtube, there seems to be a song playing in the funeral home that will get tagged by Youtube’s dumb copyright bots.
  • There is no right way to do this. Mine is only 1 way.
  • Good luck and don’t give up.

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