God of War Trailer Was Amazeballs! So was Kratos’ Beard | #E32016 Edition

One of the more impressive looking games that was showed on stage last night at the PlayStation event was God of War. At first we weren’t sure what we were looking at until that familiar war paint of the God of War himself, Kratos came out of the shadows. At this point, the crowd went ballistic.

The trailer started off pretty slowly with people on my twitter stream commenting on how epic Kratos’s beard was and that this was some kind of dad simulator. I was just really impressed with the environments and how beautiful everything looked. It wasn’t until we got to the action parts that things really started picking up and man were the fight scenes good. All of this I believe was in-game footage as if you watched the live Youtube feed, you could see someone playing the game off-stage. That’s impressive because again, this game looked freaking gorgeous.

No release date announced however.



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