Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Desolation Trailer – NopeNopeNopeNopeMaybe| #E32016 Edition

Last night, one creepy ass trailer came on that had me screaming NOPENOPENOPENOPE! I can’t handle scary games. I’ve tried playing many of them but I can never bring myself to play more than 30 minutes (zombie games don’t count because they’re not really that scary). So when this trailer started playing, I could barely keep my eyes on it because it seriously had me on edge. How could anyone play this in VR I thought? I would not be able to sleep for days if I did.

Then the title came up. RESIDENT EVIL VII BIOHAZARD. WHAT!?! At that moment, my thoughts of NOPE turned into, okay. Maybe I need to play this.

Guess what? Now everyone can play it because it’s up on the PSN Store as a playable demo. You can grab the demo for the PS4 here, even though PS VR isn’t out yet you can still play it on your regular TV.


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