Mighty No. 9 – First 30 Minutes of Gameplay & Impressions | PS4


You’ve probably heard about a little game called Mighty No. 9, created by ex-Capcom designer Kenji Inafune and his development studio, Comcept. Mighty No. 9 was billed as the spiritual successor to Mega Man which excited many gamers at the time when it was first announced in 2013. Three years later, the game is finally released, despite a ton of controversy surrounding it. I’m not going to talk about any of that and instead will be concentrating my efforts on the gameplay and my first 30 minutes spent with the game. A full review will come later after playing more. For now, these are just some of my initial observations.

Note: The above video was originally live streamed via my PS4 on Youtube. There are no edits in the video so this is what my first run of the game looked like.

Mighty No. 9 certainly has a Mega Man feel to it. They got that part right. The main character, Beck looks a bit like Mega Man and even has an arm cannon. The graphics look pretty good with lots of colorful artwork and some decent looking character designs. The environments don’t look half bad either, though a bit a generic looking in some areas.

Gameplay wise, the platforming elements seem solid with lots of fast paced action. The combination of the arm cannon + dash makes for an interesting experience. You’ll have to combine these two simple attacks to absorb enemy abilities.

The problem here though is that the game doesn’t do a very good job of explaining how to do any of this. You kinda have to figure out that you have to weaken enemies first by shooting them before you can use your dash ability on them to absorb them. Once you absorb them and maybe gain some of their power, the game does a poor job of explaining what ability you gained. Sure there is an icon that appears over your head, but it does very little with explaining what your new abilities are. The game also doesn’t explain how to use your absorbed abilities. Are they used automatically? Do you need to press a button to switch to them and your default? How can you tell you’re actually using a new ability? None of that is explained to you.

As you can see from my video, if I was using an absorbed ability, I surely couldn’t tell. It would have been really nice if a popup tip came up every time a new ability was absorbed which would explain to you what it did or what it was effective against. Instead, most of the game feels like guesswork. I’ll honestly have to play a lot more until I figure this out. I still haven’t hit a real boss battle yet against another “Mighty” robot but hopefully I’ll get to experience my first tonight.

On the plus side, the game itself isn’t that bad. It’s challenging and requires a lot of patience and quick reflexes. Mega Man fans will probably enjoy it as there are a lot of similarities between the two. I don’t think it’s a terrible game and reminds me a lot of how difficult and unforgiving games used to be back in those 8-bit days.

For now, I’ll keep an open mind about Mighty No. 9 until I’ve had a chance to play a lot more of it. It looks like it has potential to be a good game the deeper I get into it. My biggest issue so far though is just the lack of explanation when it comes to how to use your absorbed abilities.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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