Overwatch’s Latest Hero is Ana, a Support Sniper | Videos


I haven’t really posted much about Overwatch on here, but it’s a game I can say I’ve been thoroughly enjoying for the past few weeks. To keep the gameplay fresh, Blizzard will be introducing several new characters over the course of Overwatch’s life span and the first will be coming soon.

There has been much speculation over the past few weeks about who the next Overwatch character is going to be and today, Blizzard confirmed that her name is Ana. She will be a support class character like many had speculated and will be armed with a highly advanced biotic sniper rifle. Rounding out her arsenal will be sleep darts, biotic grenades, and a nano boost ultra.

Below you can check out her origin story trailer which gives much background to the character as well as her gameplay trailer. I’m really looking forward to giving her a go when she’s released.


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