My 10 Year Old Plays Overwatch | Videos


My son plays Overwatch and he’s actually gotten pretty good at it. Unlike games like Call of Duty, Halo, or even Destiny to some extent, multiplayer matches in this game help promote the concept of teamwork in order to win. Overwatch is one of the few games where teamwork is absolutely necessary to win a match and where your K/D ratio really means nothing in the end. My son has only ever really played games that promoted the whole K/D thing and lone wolf behavior so watching him play Destiny is refreshing. He’s still learning how to play the objective more and how to use his abilities to back up his teammates and it’s really fun to watch. He’s getting better with each match but still needs some work anticipating enemy behavior and just being more aware of his surroundings.

On a side note, there are some restrictions that I’ve placed on him while playing the game. Because I can’t control what other people say or discuss online in team chat, I had him disable the ability to auto-join the team chat as I myself have come across some pretty obscene players. He’s only allowed to join group chats with players he is friends with. That’s pretty much it. Other than that, he’s free to have as much fun with the game as he wants.

With that said, he also recently started his own Youtube channel and Overwatch is one of the games he’s been streaming on it. Unlike most of my gameplay videos where I don’t add commentary, he’s actually been talking up a storm in his videos. He doesn’t have many followers at the moment (mainly his school friends) but with each video he makes, he’s getting better and better at conveying his thoughts. He has aspirations of becoming a popular Let’s Play creator so that’s fine with me. Below are some of the video streams he’s made so far. Enjoy and if you like his vids, give him some likes and a follow. He would really appreciate it.

[via SpecialAgentLiam]

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