Updated Pokemon Go Review – Better Now | Mobile

pokemongo_iconUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Pokemon Go is a hit with fans and is the #1 game on both the iTunes store and Google Play. What makes Pokemon Go different from other Pokemon games is the allure of trying to catch Pokemon in real life. With the help of GPS and augmented reality, Pokemon Go will allow you to find and capture Pokemon where ever you are, whether it be in the city, on a beach, or in your own neighborhood. You just have to go outside and explore your world.

When I first reviewed the app at around launch day, my experience with the app was terrible. It was probably one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a launch title in which I could not connect to servers and couldn’t log into my accounts. When I could play, it was fun. Whether it was catching Pokemon in my neighborhood, at work in the office, or while out at a restaurant, when it did work, the excitement of catching a new Pokemon was there.

A week has gone by and my experience with Pokemon Go is much better. I can now connect most of the time with more time playing now and less time frustrated with server issues. Finding Pokemon is still as easy as just walking around and looking for them and catching them usually requires you to just hit them with a Pokeball  either one or a few times depending on their CP and luck. Pokemon Centers in my areas seem pretty plentiful and I’m having no problems replenishing Pokeballs so I don’t have to purchase them. I’ve also done a few gym battles, but I always lose because my Pokemon just aren’t high enough of a level.

While I’m having much less issues now, I do still come across a few odd behaviors with the game. I still encounter the occasional freeze up which will cause me to lose the last Pokemon I captured and the GPS in the game is super wonky and will sometimes place me all over my area before is decides to zero me in. I’m sure these little issues will be fixed though. I’m just happy I’m not getting too many of those server issues anymore.

I know in my last review, I said to avoid Pokemon Go until is was more stable and I think that time is now.

iTunes Store Link: Pokemon Go
Google Play Link: Pokemon Go
Developer: Niantic
Price: Free

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