Armikrog – First Hour of Gameplay | PS4



This is just me, playing about an hours worth of Pencil Test Studios’ latest PS4 game, Armikrog. Armikrog is a stop-motion, point-and-click adventure akin to many of the old adventure games on PC. Remember games like Kings Quest or Myst? Armikrog is like this where most of the action that takes place on screen is all point-and-click based and puzzle oriented. Click here to walk this way. See an object and click on it to pick it up. Click on a lever to make your character walk over there and pull it. This is what Armikrog mostly consists of as you try to escape the fortress Armikrog.

Below is about an hours worth of gameplay. I really like the old school stop-motion stuff as it really gives the game some character and the voice acting isn’t too bad. The puzzles in the game are also a bit challenging as right near where I end the video, I’m pretty stumped on what to do next. Anyways, that’s all for now until an actual review goes up which will be later on in the week maybe. Until then, enjoy.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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