Battlefield 1 Open Beta – First 40 Minutes of Gameplay | PS4


So the Battlefield 1 Open Beta started yesterday and despite a major hiccup with the servers last night, I was able to get into a few matches. I’ve been a fan of the Battlefield series for years now so needless to say, Battlefield 1 is at the top of my “must play” list.

Here are a few observations I made while playing:

  • The graphics are really good this time around. This map however reminds me of Tatooine in Star Wars Battlefront.
  • The weapons look pretty good and sound pretty good. They handle okay, though I think the hit detection boxes might be a little off, though that could just be my internet. Also they don’t feel as powerful as they should be.
  • Most of the buttons are the same as they were in Battlefield 4, so I was able to pretty much jump right in and play.
  • This map was huge and sometimes didn’t feel like there were all that many people playing on it because it was just so spread apart. I’m usually a fan of slightly smaller maps that have choke points where huge battle take place. Overall though, a pretty decent map for large scale combat.
  • Opening doors feel a bit clunky.
  • I did get to hop in a tank during another play with a buddy, and man are those things fun.

Other than that, I really need to brush up on my Battlefield skills.


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