Battlefield 1 – Storm of Steel & Through Mud and Blood Gameplay | PS4


There are a few games that I really enjoy playing online with a group of friends and the Battlefield series is one of them. I’ve been a big fan of Battlefield since back in the Xbox 360 era and this has always been a series about teamwork and cooperation. The new Battlefield 1 is no different and while this game takes place is a fictitious WW1 setting, it works and still feels like the Battlefield we all love.

On that note, what I have for you today is not multiplayer, but instead some single player campaign videos I shot over the weekend.

Battlefield 1 starts you off with Storm and Steel, which you pretty much have to play while the multiplayer portion of the game is still installing. Storm and Steel throws you right into the thick of war with honestly no chance at survival. Most likely this is done to show you how brutal war can be. This chapter of the campaign has no real ending as you can’t really “win” it here. The outcome is always death no matter how well you fight and your death takes you to another part of the battlefield. This chapter acts as a sort of tutorial getting you acclimated with fighting on foot, with stationary guns, and with vehicular combat.

The first real campaign starts with Through Mud and Blood where you play as a soldier named Edwards. I won’t go into the story much here but in my opinion, it is very well done. The cinematics are really good and have a movie like feel to them. Gameplay wise there is a good mix between tank action and being on foot. The environments look incredible with lots of detail and the fact that almost everything now seems destructible is amazing.

With that said, I’m not so sure I’d let me kid play this though. While I do let me 10 year old play some violent games, Battlefield 1 is a little too realistic maybe. While their version of WW1 is made up, it’s still war with real people and isn’t as make believe as let’s say a game about zombies. I’ll have to play more of it to be sure.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3





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