Drifty Chase Review | Mobile

driftychase_iconNeed another simple game to play that doesn’t require complicated controls or too much thought? Check out Drifty Chase, the latest in a long string of games you can play with just one tap. Drifty Chase is one of those games that is so simple to play yet so hard to master. The goal is to rob banks and outrun the cops by drifting through crowded city streets.

Drifty Chase requires one finger to play. Your car auto drives itself and all you need to do is tap on the screen to perform a drift turn. Your vehicle will now what direction to turn but pay attention to the streets you are turning to because they are usually filled with other cars. not only that, streets can be either really wide or really narrow with traffic going in either one direction or both directions. There’s also the possibility of failing extra hard and hitting a building. You’ll have to really get your timing down with the turns so you can avoid all the hazards.

For the most part, Drifty Chase is a simplistic game that offers a good challenge. Getting far can be difficult but with much practice, you can get a pretty decent score. Pay attention too to what city you’re in because that can change the what side of the street you drive on. Overall, Drifty Chase is a fun little time waster.

iTunes App Store Link: Drifty Chase
Google Play Link: Drifty Chase
Developer: Crimson Pine Games
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes


Imagine that you just robbed a bank and the police is on your tail. Jump into a car and try to shake off the pursuit! This game is not about racing, it’s about drifting with a trunk full of cash through an insanely crowded city! You are being chased by the police that wants to get back each cent from the stolen money bag. Don’t let them take it back from you! Test your skills, drift across the city and find out if you can be faster than them. Let the drifty chase begin!

Robbing a bank has never been easier – you just need to handle a simple one tap mechanics to hit the road. A working thumb is literally everything you need. Beware of the police though as they won’t stop chasing and trying to smash you. If you hit another car or a building during the chase, you’re busted. You have a long way ahead of you and plenty of time to develop your skill and to find out if you can beat your friends on the global leaderboards.

In Drifty Chase the longer you play the faster you go. Each car has different speed and handles a little bit differently so the game experience is never the same – it differs the more you play! Better cars let you earn more coins which lets you unlock other cars with a totally different game sceneries.

If you like drifting, race games or high tension, this game is definitely for you! Because of the one tap mechanics, it requires only one hand to play, so you can play Drifty Chase while taking a walk with your dog, riding a bus or during boring classes. Just don’t play it while driving a real car!

– Available on Apple TV
– One tap mechanics
– Easy to grasp controls
– Addictive drift-based gameplay
– 10 cars to unlock with more coming soon
– 10 different cities to explore
– Stunning 3D graphics
– Music seamlessly adapting to the current area
– Online Leaderboards and Achievements
– Cloud sync between different devices
– Realistic sounds, which will give you real hang of driving!

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