AT&T LG V20 Bloatware – What Apps Come Preinstalled

LG V20

Depending on which carrier you purchased your LG V20 from, you’ll find a different set of pre-installed apps on them commonly referred to as bloatware. Bloatware is basically any preinstalled app that wouldn’t normally come on an unlocked, carrier free version of the device. The best solution to avoid bloatware is to just buy your device unlocked, but that usually requires paying for it in full, which many people don’t want to to. Most people will just buy the phone from their carrier so they can either get it at a cheaper price or be able to pay for it month by month. If you do this, you’ll have to make due with some added bloatware.

AT&T Apps

capture_2016-11-03-16-22-49AT&T basically installs all of these apps on every Android device it sells regardless of brand. These are mainly to push extra AT&T mobile services and I don’t really know of anyone that makes use of these. For the most part, I just go through them all and disable most of them.

  • AT&T Device Help
  • AT&T FamilyMap
  • AT&T Locker
  • AT&T Protect Plus
  • AT&T DriveMode
  • myAT&T
  • Setup & Transfer
  • AT&T Smart Limits
  • AT&T Usage Meter
  • AT&T Caller Name ID
  • DirecTV
  • DirecTV Remote

Other Apps

But wait. That’s not all. AT&T also likes installing apps from partners and those too are apps that can not be removed, just disabled.

  • Uber
  • Lookout Security
  • Wildtangent Games (uninstall)
  • Amazon
  • Amazon Kindle

That’s a lot of preinstalled apps you can’t really get rid of (aside from Wildtangent which you can uninstall). While there are some apps on there that I would have downloaded on my own, I’ve disabled more than I’ve kept.

The good news is that most of these apps don’t take up very much space so it’s up to you what you want to do with them. I like to just disable them so I don’t have to see them in my app tray plus it also keeps Google Play from updating apps I never use.

Disclaimer: AT&T sent me the LG V20 to evaluate. This is the Titan variant of the device with 64gb of memory running on AT&T’s network in Miami, FL.

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