HITMAN’s Unlockable Items Can Now Be Used Offline


If there was one complaint about HITMAN I had, it would be that much of the game needed access to the servers in order to fully enjoy it. That is because your profile was stored on the servers so if you could not connect to them, you were left playing only a portion of the game with any unlockable content you earned unplayable.

That’s not so anymore as today, a new update rolled out that adds a new “Offline Profile” that will save any unlocked items you earn. That means if you don’t have access to the servers, you’ll still be able to use unloackable items. This is a much welcome feature as I know I’ve had a few moments where the servers were just inaccessible.

Look for the new 1.7.0 update today which also includes many other improvements and bug fixes. For the full list of improvements, click here.


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