You Still Can’t Go Wrong With Minecraft This Holiday Season


A few months ago, I had to buy my kid another copy of Minecraft. This would be the 4th copy of Minecraft I had to buy – Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Android, and now on PC. The funny thing is, I honestly didn’t mind at all because Minecraft is one of the greatest games ever created that both children and adults can enjoy. At first I didn’t understand what the whole Minecraft fuss was about, but after spending some time with my kid playing Minecraft together, I started to get it.

Minecraft isn’t like a traditional game. There really isn’t an ending or a beginning. Minecraft is a game about mining, building, exploring, and creating adventures. It is an open ended game built on randomly generated worlds where you can create anything your imagination can think of. It’s really up to you how you play the game and what you make from it. Everyone who plays it will have a different experience and that makes Minecraft really unique.

Creative Mode allows you to tap into your inner architect and create anything you want with unlimited resources. Survival Mode on the other hand will still allow you to build anything but adds the complexities of crafting items with limited resources that you must mine, such as weapons and armor which you’ll need to fend off enemies mobs that spawn at night. Survival Mode adds that element of danger to the game that will add that bit of adventure for those who seek it.

What’s great in my opinion though is that you aren’t limited to just one world. You can create as many worlds as you like in Minecraft and revisit them whenever you want. This is one of those games that has almost an infinite amount of replay value.


With that said, there are also a ton of Minecraft collectibles for fans of the game and they are all available at your local Best Buy retail stores and online. Best Buy carries a large assortment of Minecraft products – this includes an Xbox One S console bundle, additional Minecraft games and Minecraft toys and collectibles. To check out Best Buy’s selection of Minecraft goodies, click here.

Minecraft is just one of those games that never gets old. It is really family-friendly and great for kids and adults to enjoy together. The toys and collectibles make great gifts for anyone who’s a fan of the game.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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