Clash Royal – Finishing 2016 as the Hottest Game at My Son’s School | Mobile

clashroyal_iconWould it surprise you if I told you that the hottest game right now at my kid’s school isn’t Pokemon Go or Minecraft or even the recently released Super Mario Run? It’s none of those. The game that him and his friend and a bunch of kids I see waiting around in the morning playing is Supercell’s Clash Royal. This is a game I’ve been watching them play now for the past few months now and it’s all they can talk about before school, during school, and after school.

Now this isn’t a review of the game. This is an observation of a game I see my son and his friends playing. I’ve tried to Clash Royal but frankly, I stink at the game. Clash Royal is pretty much an online only game where you battle other players from around the world and for the most part, everyone who plays it is just better than me and I can’t put in the time to build a more powerful deck.

My kid and his friends on the other hand have put in hundreds of hours into this game and have even spent some real money on more powerful cards. What’s interesting to me is that this isn’t a mindless game. It’s a game that seems to require a lot of strategy and skill and only a tiny bit of luck. I hear them all talk about what cards do what and what cards can counter what. It’s all rather interesting really.

What’s also neat is that these kids even make up their own challenges while playing. Take for instance this video below recorded by my son. Him and his buddy are attempting to “Three Crown Draw” a match, whatever the heck that means. (Don’t mind the music as that seems to have been playing in the background while he was recording).

Now I’m not saying that this is the hottest game right now at every school and at every grade level. All I’m saying is that at my kids school which is a K-8, a lot of the kids are playing Clash Royal.

With all that said, if you’re into strategy games, give Clash Royal a look. The little I’ve played of it myself, I can see why other are playing it. I’m just not very good at it at the moment. Maybe one day I’ll sit down with my son and have him give me some pointers on how to become a better player and why he’s so much better at the game than I am.

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