Rain World Out Today – 15 Minutes of Gameplay & Impressions | PS4

Rain World by Adult Swim Games, is one of those unique games that has to be played and experienced. It’s a game that takes you deep into an industrial wasteland as you try to return to your family. You play as a vulnerable slugcat and must survive by scouring the land for food and shelter before the heavy rains come and before other larger creatures eat you.

My first initial playthrough was mainly to get a feel for the game and to see what it’s exactly about. For the most part, it’s an exploration game and a survival game. You explore your surroundings to find a way home but most also find ways to nourish yourself or you’ll die of hunger. You’ll also die if you take too long to find shelter as the heavy rains will literally crush you under the weight of all that water.

What stood out for me though were the amazing visuals and the overall tone of the game. Everything is so dark and dreary where you think there is no hope of making it home, but then you look at just how darn cute this slugcat is and man, you just want to get him home at any cost.

The gameplay takes some getting used to. Your slugcat isn’t very fast and can’t jump very high, but he can squeeze into some pretty tight spots. He can also climb vines and poles pretty well. Grabbing food also isn’t too hard to master. Traversing the environment also takes some getting used to as it’s sometimes difficult to spot places where your slugcat can go. I spent a majority of my first playthrough just exploring and getting a feel for things and avoiding any potential enemies I might have come across.

The game seems pretty neat so far and hopefully I’ll be able to get farther into the game soon.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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