Toca Life: Hospital Now Available on iOS and Android

Toca Boca is at it again with their latest kid friendly app, Toca Life: Hospital. The latest in their Toca Life series puts kids in control of every aspect of the hospital experience. It gives them a chance to play out the joy and pain of life in their own way.

Kids can experience welcoming newborn babies into the world and see how family members and medical staff love and care for tiny, swaddled babies. They’ll also get to explore the operating room, discover the secret lab, stop by the waiting room, or grab a snack at the café. There is also a maternity unit with a fun ultrasound machine, garden to meditate and reflect, and a farewell room to say final goodbyes. Toca Life: Hospital gives kids unlimited space to discover the happenings of a busy medical center at their own pace, helping to increase their comfort level around hospitals.

Some other highlights of Toca Life: Hospital include:

  • Using tools you’d find in a real-life hospital: gurneys, bandages, crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs and more
  • Moving characters from floor to floor in the big elevator
  • Checking surgery patients’ vitals on the medical monitor
  • Encountering medicine to cure sick children
  • Ultrasound, CAT scan and X-ray machines to diagnose patients
  • A doctor who can help treat your patient
  • A farewell room where loved ones peacefully pass
  • An array of music selections that kids can choose from to set the tone of their own hospital stories

App Store link:
Google Play link:




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