Solar Red HTC U11 Now Available in N.America

HTC today announced that they are bringing the stunning Solar Red color of HTC U11 to America. HTC U11, which began shipping June 9th in the US, is already seeing exceptional demand for colors in Sapphire Blue, Amazing Silver, and Brilliant Black; the addition of Solar Red adds another shimmering, hue-shifting color that especially excited fans who saw it during HTC’s global announcement in May. Customers can begin pre-ordering HTC U11 in Solar Red soon after 12am midnight Eastern Time tonight, June 20th, exclusively at

HTC U11 in Solar Red has amazed fans since its announcement due to its incredible ability to shift colors between fiery reds and glowing oranges depending on how light strikes the Liquid Glass surface. By layering highly-refractive precious minerals across the phone’s back using a unique process called Optical Spectrum Hybrid Deposition, they’ve created vivid new colors that transforms light with every movement you make. HTC then heat and bend the glass using extreme pressure to result in a 3D curved appearance that fits snug in the hand and feels slim no matter which way you hold it.

Like the other colors of HTC U11, the Solar Red version offers squeezable Edge Sense interaction, USonic noise cancelling headphones, industry-best camera, and multiple AI assistants (Amazon Alexa coming soon!). Full specs can be found here.

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