Dell XPS 13 Long Term Testing Review | Ongoing

Last week, I made the decision to finally purchase another laptop and instead of going the Macbook Pro route like many of my friends, I decided to go with a Windows 10 machine. After much research and some back and forth in my mind, I went with the Dell XPS 13. It was between this or a new Surface Pro or Surface Pro Laptop but I just liked the fact that I wouldn’t need to purchase an additional keyboard cover or pen and the Dell XPS 13 had more ports.

Now that I had decided on the Dell XPS 13, the only decision I had left to make were the specs I wanted on it and where to buy it from. I knew I wanted at least an Intel i5 7th gen and 8gb of RAM. A quick check over at showed that I would have to pay at least $999 for it which included a 125gb SSD drive and a full HD non-touch screen. I was willing to pull the trigger on their site except that the Microsoft Store also had the Dell XPS 13 for sale that I could pick up locally. I decided to go there instead and check out the machine first in person.

I’m glad I did because I absolutely fell in love with it at the store. It looked so nice with the aluminum body and carbon fiber accents that I knew I’d made a good choice. However, at the store my eyes gravitated towards the rose-gold color and that was that. I had to have it. The rose-gold is normally an extra $50 option from Dell, but the MS Store didn’t seem to charge extra for it. Not only that, they had a configuration there that had a 256gb SSD HD instead along with a QHD+ touchscreen and fingerprint reader on sale for $1149. That was a deal almost too good to pass on because if I were to spec that exact machine on, it would end up being around $1525!

So yeah. I ended up purchasing the Dell XPS 13 at the Microsoft Store. Sure it was a little bit more than I wanted to originally spend, but for that price and the extras I got, I think it was worth it.

However, there was one tiny hiccup after my purchase. The first Dell XPS 13 was dead on arrival. It did not want to power up and the screen would not turn on. I went back to the Microsoft Store shortly after and had them exchange it for another one that I tested at the store and it worked fine there. They had no issue with a straight exchange. I decided to also shell out an extra $36 for their 2 year warranty just in case. It would cover any other mishaps well past the 1 year Dell warranty and wouldn’t require me to send the machine into Dell for service.

So on this second Dell XPS 13, all is going well so far. I won’t go into detail about it at the moment as it’s too early to really say anything about it, but so far I’m happy with it.

If you have any questions about the Dell XPS 13, please free to shoot me a comment down below and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Stay tuned for more.



    • Yeah. I really couldn’t pass it up. I made sure though to have them open up the second replacement Dell just to make sure it was working before I headed back home again.

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