Pros of Picking Up a “Signature Edition” Laptop from the Microsoft Store | Dell XPS 13

When I used to buy computers from Best Buy or straight from Dell, those computers always used to be filled with trial software and extras that I never used. They usually came with a trial version of an antivirus software, an office suite, maybe some games, and other miscellaneous pieces of software. My first day or two of owning them usually consisted of deleting all the crapware I didn’t want or or maybe trying out something that looked interesting, but then deleting them afterwards.

That’s why I know a lot of people recommend Macbooks or iMacs because they usually don’t come with a bunch of those extras preinstalled. I think that’s probably what Microsoft was going for too with the “Signature Edition” laptops and computers you can buy at their stores whether it be a machine from HP, Dell, Lenovo, or others. While not entirely crapware free, these machines are basically just loaded with Windows 10, maybe a game or two, and that’s it. The Dell XPS 13 I purchased was the first PC I’ve bought that required very little uninstalling on the first day.

What’s interesting to note here is that my Dell XPS 13 didn’t even come preloaded with Microsoft Office 365. There was a link to get it, but it wasn’t installed. There wasn’t the usual McAfee trial Dell usually preloads or any of Dells usual Dell branded software either, other than their SupportAssist app which is useful.

Not sure if because of the lack of preinstalled software that my Dell XPS 13 boots up super fast right now and I can get into the desktop in about 10-15 seconds. With that said, if you’re planning on getting a new Windows 10 laptop or desktop, I highly suggest checking out the Microsoft Store to get one. Not only will it come with less “crap,” it might also end up being a lot cheaper like it was in my case.

As an added bonus, you can buy an optional warranty that lasts for 2 year. The regular price of it is something like $150 or so, however, they have some educational discount they don’t tell you about that will save you about $110 or so. Just ask about that too. It beats having to send your hardware in for service with the manufacturer and Microsoft will replace the machine for you if they can’t fix it.

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