Elite Dangerous Gameplay Footage and Impressions | PS4

For those who care ad have been keeping up with all things Elite Dangerous, the game is finally available on PlayStation 4 after being out for quite some time on PC and Xbox One. I’ve never player the original Elite games or Elite Dangerous on another platform, but I’ve heard my friend talking about it and how epic it was. That along has had me excited for this release just to see what all the fuss was about. Well, I was finally able to get a copy yesterday and have spent a few hours checking it out. Was it all I was expecting and more? Find out.

Elite Dangerous is not a game for the casual gamer or those seeking arcade like adventure. Elite Dangerous is an MMO that requires a lot of time and effort to really get the most out of it. For example, if you don’t take the time to complete the tutorial missions up front, you’re going to be completely lost on what to do in the main game and will probably just give up. There’s a really steep learning curve to the game which also includes the controls and the menu system. There’s a lot to take in and if you don’t at least try to memorize what everything does, it’ll make Elite Dangerous a lot harder to play.

Above is some gameplay footage from a few missions I ran. As you can see, these were mainly data delivery mission because in all honesty, I’m not equipped to really handle any other types of missions at the moment. My ship still needs several more upgrades and that requires quite a bit of money, so my main goal at the moment is to just make enough money for some simple upgrades and hopefully a better ship.

Not only that, you can see how space travel works in Elite Dangerous, most of it requires super cruising or hyperjumping for long distances. If the star system you want to visit is really far, it’ll require several jumps to other star systems to make it to your destination. Be weary too of the amount of fuel you have too because the last thing you want to happen is to run out of fuel in deep space. I’m not even sure what happens to you if that occurs, but if this is the type of sim I think it is, you’ll probably be stuck out there for a very long while unless there’s a way for a buddy to rescue you.

You can also see in the video how space stations work and the whole docking procedure. Again, it’s very sim like so you’ll have to get permission from the local authorities to dock and if you break any of the rules, you’ll be fined as well. The main thing here is to just make the habit of following the rules and and procedures and you’ll be just fine.

For the most part, I’ve only played mostly in solo worlds so I haven’t come across other players yet. I did try some private multiplayer, but couldn’t quite figure out what the benefits of that was other than being able to see each other. I’ll be putting in more hours to figure that out.

Aside from the main game, there is also an arena mode that consists of Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. I was not able to get into any of the team deathmatch matches last night. It could be because it’s such a new game on PS4 or that not many people are that interested in arena mode. However, this morning I was able to get into regular deathmatch and it wasn’t that bad at all. The arenas seem huge for such a small number of combatants and it’s also really difficult to figure out where the out of bounds areas are. Leveling up doesn’t seem all that difficult to do as long as you do well.

Overall, I like Elite Dangerous, though it’s not entirely what I thought it would be. It’s a lot more difficult to play than something like No Mans Sky and it’s definitely not a game you can just pick up and play. You have to be willing to put in the time, otherwise you won’t get the most out of it. Elite Dangerous is a game that it unlike any other console game and really shows its PC roots with the insane learning curve. But I think that if you’ve been yearning for a PC style MMO, give Elite Dangerous a try.

There will be more on Elite Dangerous soon. I’m still making my way through everything it has to offer so time will only tell if it’s a game I can stick with.

Review code provided to us by the publisher/developer.

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