Dead Alliance Open Beta Gameplay and Impressions | PS4

This past weekend, Maximum Games launched the open beta for Dead Alliance, a competitive shooter where the undead can become your greatest weapon. Using devices called zMods, you can strategically strike, swarm, flank, block, distract and surprise opponents in the heat of battle with zombies.

The open beta allowed for some multiplayer fun in 3 different PvP game modes. It allowed for some unlocking of new weapon load outs, but not much else. I think it was just mainly to get you interested in the gameplay and what Dead Alliance had to offer.

For the most part, Dead Alliance was pretty fun. It certainly ran better on the PS4 then it did on my wimpy PC, which I know isn’t up to par to play most of the latest games these days. At least with the PS4, there’s nothing I need to configure. The game ran pretty quickly and seems quite responsive, though there were some issues I ran into with hit detection, but that’s to be expected with betas.

The zMods were pretty neat and being able to turn zombies against other players, though they were a little underwhelming I think and I don’t think they did as much damage as I would like. It’s still a pretty interesting game mechanic though. The gunplay wasn’t too bad either and will be familiar to anyone who has played a first person shooter.

Other than that, Dead Alliance does have promise. Hopefully the final product will be a bit more refined and while we didn’t get to play it in the beta, I’m curious to see what single player is like.

Dead Alliance is expected to officially release on the PlayStation 4 system on Aug. 29.

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