Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds Review

A common factor that I think we can all agree upon when it comes to our fitness is that a good workout seems to go by a lot quicker and easier when we have some solid tunes to listen to. Whether it be with your phone’s speakers, headphones, earbuds, or someone’s radio across the room, music helps distract us from what is otherwise a painful experience! With that said, when I work out I love to listen to my music and the best way for me to do it is with a good set up earbuds. The current earbuds I’m using are the new Jabra Elite Sport Wireless Earbuds that are true wireless units. What that means is that these are just earbuds that go into your ears, no wires at all connecting them.

Back in the olden days, athletes would listen to music through wired earbuds which would often get tangle up while working out or you’d accidentally yank them straight out of your ears. We then got wireless headphones, and while that solution was better, it also meant you had more bulk around your head. We then got wireless earphones, but while you were no longer tethered to your phone with those, they still had a short wire attached to both buds. They were still pretty good though. Now however, the newest thing are completely wireless earbuds with no wires at all, just the buds and your music.

The Elite Sport are the latest from Jabra for fitness minded individuals. They feature a waterproof design, superior sound, adjustable fit, and integrated music and training management via the Jabra Sport Life app. As a bonus, these are the first earbuds I’ve ever used that also have a heart rate monitor built in as well as a case that has a built in rechargeable battery to recharge your buds on the go.

For starters, the Jabra Elite Sport come with three different sized Secure Fit Wings, three silicon ear gels and three foam tips. That means there should be a size that will fit you, in theory. In my case, I must have some oddly shaped ears because the left ear bud fits comfortably using the medium sized wings and silicon tips. The right earbud is another story. The right earbud for me using the same configuration feels really tight and starts to hurt a bit if worn for too long. I had to swap to the smaller tips on this side. It could also be because the heart rate sensor is on the right earbud which makes it slightly larger than the left one. Regardless, you’ll probably need to mess with the sizing a bit to get the perfect fitment.

Aside from the fitment issues on the one ear, I do like the design of these Elite Sport earbuds. They have built in audio controls that are raised and easy to feel for with your fingers. The buttons allow you to control volume, song selection, play/pause, and if you install the Jabra Sport Life app, you can also get workout progress updates. The controls will also allow you to take calls from your phone.

Of course I’m sure what you really want to know is how the Elite Sport sound and let me tell you, they sound pretty darn good. The audio is crisp and clear with very good highs and mids. If you’re playing music that is heavy on vocals, you’ll really enjoy these. If you’re playing music that instrument heavy, you’ll also really enjoy these. The only thing the Elite Sport lack is deep bass. There is bass, but it’s not very punchy. It’s not as deep as with something like larger headphones. Music still sounds great with these though, you just don’t get as full a range as you would with headphones.

Despite a couple shortcoming, I really like the Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds. They’re easy to carry around thanks to the included case, they’re nu fussing with wires when you work out, and they do generally sound great with most music. Overall I’m very satisfied with their performance and will continue using these on my workouts.

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