Mekorama Review | Mobile

MekoramaI stumbled upon a gem here with a game called Mekorama by a developer named Martin Magni. I’m not even sure how I found it on Google Play but I’m sure glad I did. Mekorama is a puzzle game built on mechanical dioramas with gameplay similar to that of another popular game, Monument Valley. If you were a fan of that game, I highly recommend checking out Mekorama as the puzzles are just as enjoyable and the game itself has a few more features that make it an even better game in my opinion.

Mekorama has you helping a robot maneuver through these tiny diorama puzzles by manipulating portions of the level so that you can make it to the end. For the most part, the game is very easy to get in to especially since the first few levels do a pretty good job showing you how to play. The levels do get more challenging as you progress, which is good as one of the worst things about puzzle games is if they aren’t challenging enough. Mekorama seems to have good pacing when it comes to ramping up the difficulty. There are 50 levels to unlock so that should keep you busy for a while.

If you find that that’s not enough, Mekorama has a neat feature where you can scan QR codes to import new levels designed by other users. You can do this via the developer’s Facebook Page or Twitter. There are even fan pages dedicated to this game with even more levels to import.

Which brings me to another unique feature. You can also create your own Mekorama puzzles from scratch. Every block used in the game is made available to create something truly unique and it’s not very hard at all to make one. In fact, if you’ve played something like Minecraft before, it’s much the same concept of just choosing a block and tapping on the screen to place it.

With all that said, Mekorama is a feature packed puzzle game with a lot going for it. It’s fun, challenging, and cute with plenty of things to do. It’s also quite a relaxing puzzler because you can really play this at your own pace. One more thing that really stands out is that the game has a rather unique “pay-what-you-want” system in place. It’s free to download and has zero ads, but you have the option to support the developer and pay what you want for the game – anywhere between $1-32 via an in-app purchase.

iTunes App Store: Mekorama
Google Play: Mekorama
Developer: Martin Magni


Help a tiny robot stumble home through 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas.

– Relaxing gameplay
– Charming robots
– Collectible level cards
– Diorama maker
– Small install size

Try Mekorama for free for as long as you like. Then pay what you think it’s worth. I hope you’ll love it 🙂

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