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Bridge Constructor Portal

One of the most unique games I’ve had the pleasure of playing was that of Portal by Valve. This was a first person puzzle game that featured one of the most iconic pieces of hardware in gaming history, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device aka the Portal Gun. The Portal Gun allowed the user to traverse between two places via a portal instantaneously. This made for a really creative puzzle game. It also helped that the main antagonist and later an ally, GLaDOS, was so gosh darn likeable. Well GLaDOS is back in an unlikely pairing of games in Bridge Constructor Portal where the test chambers are back, but now we’re trying to get vehicles to the goal.

Bridge Constructor Portal

While Bridge Constructor Portal isn’t made by Valve, this is a fully licensed game that includes Portals, Aperture Science tech, and everyone’s favorite AI, GLaDOS – voiced by Ellen McLain, the original voice of GLaDOS. That means that while this isn’t a traditional Portal game, it very much looks, sounds, and feels like one.

For starters, the look and feel of this game is very good. Because it’s a Bridge Constructor game, much of the game is viewed from a side perspective with an overall view of the entire level. You can zoom in for more accurate placement of your building materials and zoom back out to view your whole masterpiece. You’ll want to do that too because the levels are pretty well made. They have the look and feel of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center like in the Portal games and the iconic portals are even there.

Bridge Constructor Portal

If you’ve played the original Portal games, then you know just how challenging they were. Bridge Constructor Portal is no different. Like the original games, the first few levels are pretty easy and are mostly there to get you up to speed by teaching you how to play. The difficulty only gets harder from there with more intricately designed puzzles that will require you to really get creative with some of these bridges.

What I really like about this game though is that there really isn’t a right way to solve each puzzle. Sure there might be a recommended way, but you can literally build whatever you want just as long as your little vehicles make it to the exit. And that’s what I really love about Bridge Constructor Portal. Sure I love the fact that this is a Portal product featuring GLaDOS and the Weighted Companion Cube, but what really keeps me coming back is the openness. I love that you can solve each level your own way and the way you solve it most likely won’t be exactly the same way someone else solves it.

Bridge Constructor Portal

With that said, Bridge Constructor Portal might just be one of my favorite mobile games right now. It’s challenging, humorous (thanks to GLaDOS), and fun. There are about 60 levels to complete, which is more than enough, though I’m hoping more will get added later on. While I never thought the next Portal game would be a Bridge Constructor game, it works surprisingly well here and is very much a part of the Portal world as the original Portal games were. Portal fans will surely enjoy this as much as I have and at $4.99 for mobile, it’s well worth it.

iTunes App Store Link: Bridge Constructor Portal
Google Play Link: Bridge Constructor Portal
STEAM: Bridge Constructor Portal

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