Bridge Constructor Stunts – First 20 Minutes of Gameplay & Impressions | PS4

Bridge Constructor Stunts

I’m a fan of the Bridge Constructor series. My favorite being the Bridge Constructor Portal mashup that combined the solid gameplay of Bridge Constructor with the whimsical theme and tone that is Portal. With that said, I was excited to check out the latest from Headup Games and ClockStone Software, Bridge Constructor Stunts.

Bridge Constructor Stunts is everything you love about Bridge Constructor, but now you can control your vehicle’s speed, take off and landing angles, and flips. Not only that, the construction mode has been overhauled to be easier with the main improvement being that you can now reposition pieces without building them from scratch.

For those who want a small preview of what the game is like, check out my gameplay video above. Most of it is just gameplay of the tutorial missions so you can get a sense of how much easier the game now is when it comes to construction. It really makes a huge difference in terms of speed and ease. Other than that, the new stunt element is interesting and adds another layer to the game. I like that you can control your own vehicle now, though I still need a lot of practice controlling it.

Bridge Constructor fans should definitely check this out. It’s different and I’m glad they’re not just cracking out the same game over and over again and instead are adding new features and gameplay elements.

Received preview code from developer and/or publisher for coverage purposes.

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